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Plus other interesting stuff. But mostly computer software and mountain biking.

State = Busy

I have been very busy, but that’s no excuse. I’m lowering the bar for things that deserve a blog post. This particular post will feature things I’ve been thinking about and doing.

Things that have happened

My sister and her kids came to visit a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun visit! Everything was made more complicated by COVID, but it all turned out OK.

I crashed my mountain bike on Sunday, which was not fun. It was one of the higher speed crashes I’ve had. My front tire washed out on a corner and I slid quite a ways, scraping up my knee (even though I was wearing knee pads) and somehow hurting my pinky, which has been the most debilitating result of the crash.

I received a promotion at work. I am now leading the Infrastructure squad at Seeq. This is exciting for me, since I enjoy working on cloud-based infrastructure and development tools, which is what the team is responsible for.

Books I’ve been reading

I finished Prey by Michael Crichton. I plan to write up a book review of it soon.

I also finished reading Being Mortal, which was a superb book. I’ll have to refer to it again the next time I’m faced with the mortality of myself or someone I love. I should also write up a review of that book.

I have been working on another excellent book, which I hope to finish soon, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. I’ll post more thoughts when I’ve finished it.

Projects I’ve been working on

I have been plugging away at editing a YouTube video of a morning ride I did in Reno. It’s been so long since I’ve edited any video that it’s proving a bit time consuming. I hope to have it finished and posted soon.

Tralina and I have also been getting more serious about cooking. Tralina purchased a Shun santoku knife, which is very nice. I will be getting a chef’s knife soon. I have been browsing Forks Over Knives quite excitedly, looking for recipes that look good. Today I cooked Mediterranean Vegetable Spaghetti, which was not very good and definitely did not meet Tralina’s approval. I also made a “No-Tuna” Salad, which Tralina did approve. She said that it reminded her of the tuna salad that her mom used to make before I even mentioned that it was supposed to be a tuna salad substitute. So I call that a win!

What’s next

It might be nice to post regular updates similar to what Sacha Chua does on her excellent blog. If I decide to do that, I’ll probably want to come up with a consistent format.