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New Habits

This blog is ancient, but let’s start a new habit with it. Let’s publish something. Every day. It doesn’t have to be on the blog, but writing is one of the easier things I can do. I also have a bunch of videos on my harddrive that I could edit and upload to YouTube. I just want to be creating something that I can point to every day.

I am actually a bit surprised that I was able to get the tooling for this blog back up and running after all these years. All it took was installing rbenv, an old version of Ruby – 1.9.3 – and an old version of bundler – 1.0.14 – and then everything worked. I hope to get a new site up before too long. I’ve started working on it here, but as you can see it has stalled. It’s hard to find time for things like that with a baby!